The Amazing Raise is a giving challenge that brings together the region to help raise needed funds, shining a spotlight on the work of nonprofits in the Tri-County Area (Montgomery County, Eastern Berks County, Northern Chester County).

For every dollar raised by a participating nonprofit on October 16, 2018, a funding match will be provided.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Price: $10,000.00 Quantity:
    Connect community commitment and your brand!

    • Your logo on all materials, print, social media and other advertising
    • Your company information featured on TCN’s website and in TCN’s e-news blast, reaching over 3.000 households, organizations and companies
    • The opportunity to present from the podium at TCN sponsored events
    • Video feature on social media and at the Rise and Raise Community Philanthropy celebration in April 2019
    • Customized promotions and a brand toolkit for your use
  • Price: $5,000.00 Quantity:
    Inspire generosity and fund multiple nonprofit organizations with one donation!

    • Your logo on all materials, print, social media and other advertising as a match pool sponsor
    • Your brand information sent to participating nonprofit organizations as a match pool donor
    • Your message of corporate philanthropy prominently featured as part of the Amazing Raise Corporate
    Fundraising Challenge.
  • Price: $1,000.00 Quantity:
    Your brand will help incentivize the public to give!

    • Your brand will be linked to a prize provided to a participating nonprofit organization. Example: “the TriCounty Community Network prize for the greatest number of new donors.”
    • Opportunity to present the prize to the winning organization.
    • Your logo on all materials, print, social media and other advertising.
  • Price: $500.00 Quantity:
    Your organization is celebrating philanthropy in our region!

    • Your logo on all materials, print, social media and other advertising.
  • Price: $250.00 Quantity:
    Challenge your community to match your donation!

    • Your logo on all materials, print, social media and other advertising.
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  • American Express
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“The match that TCN was able to secure for the Amazing Raise helped us to raise more funds for our Nonprofit. Donors really appreciate when their dollars go further to help support our community! Thank you”

Michele Moll, Executive Director



“The Amazing Raise was a great experience for our organization. We had never experienced an online fundraiser before and it was an awesome experience. This is something that all non-profits should consider getting involved with.”

Tessi Melchior, Executive Director

Foundation for Boyertown Education


“Developmental Enterprises Corporation would like to thank everyone at TriCounty Network for their work with the Amazing Raise. It was such a fun event, and we are grateful to have been a part of it. It was easy to become a part of this event from start to finish and when we needed help, advise or had questions TCN was quick to help. I think the best part was on the day of the event, participants and donors alike could watch the donations tally roll up and up!”

Sally Mandes, Resources Manager

Developmental Enterprises Corporation


We expect to have 50-100 local nonprofit organizations benefit from this opportunity.

Several area Foundations have already pledged or provided funds for the match pool. Corporations and individuals are also contributing!

1. Become a TCN member (if applicable).
2. Sign up to participate at
3. Participate in the registration webinar (if needed) on May 23rd at 1 pm
4. You will receive a confirmation email when your participation is accepted. The email will tell you how to customize your profile page to attract maximum donations.
5. We will have training sessions to assist you with marketing this event to your current and potential donors and will provide information that can help you maximize the benefits of the Amazing Raise.

Your organization will reap benefits from participation. The Amazing Raise provides you with the opportunity to increase your funding through the match pool, raise the profile of your organization in the community, engage current and new donors/supporters of your organization and the opportunity to use the Amazing Raise giving platform to raise funds for your organization throughout the year. If you do not have a donor database or other donor engagement software participating in the Amazing Raise will provide you with that functionality for NO COST!

You will mobilize your donors (new and current), encouraging them to give to your organization on the day of the Amazing Raise (October 17, 2017). They can give through the online system (you will have your own profile page on the site) or can give to you directly via mail/in person. The software will record your donations given through your profile page. Any donations received by your organization via mail or in person can be recorded by entering the information on your profile page so that you can get credit for that donation and receive the funding match. Your donors can also pledge or schedule a donation for the day of the Amazing Raise through your profile page, so if you have an annual appeal at a different time of year you can encourage your donors to direct their gifts via pledge or scheduled donation through your Amazing Raise donation page. Donations will be tabulated for each organization and sent to TCN for calculation of the match. A post-event check will be sent to each participating organization and will include the funding match. Organizations may use their profile page throughout the year to connect with their donors.

You may customize your profile page in any way you wish. Donors and others will have access to your profile page, however only you and TCN administrators will be able to access the background donation processes and donor list. Your donor information will be available to you through the secure portal and will not be shared with other organizations or the general public.

A funding match will be provided that is proportional to your donations on October 17, 2017. A match formula will be provided for your reference. The more you raise on October 17, 2017 the greater your match!