Amazing Raise October 1- October 30 th.
Online Day of Giving October 30!

When TCN launched The Amazing Raise three years ago as a solution to the United Way’s failing fundraising model, we knew we were taking on something risky, both for TCN and for the nonprofits we serve.  It turned out to be a risk worth taking, as we proceeded to grow revenue through The Amazing Raise from $104,000 in year one to $527,000 in year three (last year).

Amazing Raise TriCounty encourages charitable giving by providing complete, objective and up-to-date information about local nonprofits and a fun, easy way to support them both on online and directly.

How does it work?

When donors give to local nonprofits through the Amazing Raise TriCounty,
donations will be boosted by Amazing Raise’s Incentive Fund that counts towards
each participating nonprofit’s bonus gift and any additional prizes.

Donors can give through the online system (you will have your own profile page on the site) or can give to you directly via mail/in person.