Inclusive Clay

Inclusive Clay provides access and education to adults with intellectual disabilities so they can participate in their ceramic art community.

Adults with Intellectual Disabilities:

  1. Belong in community art spaces.
  2. Are creative, artistic people.
  3. Have the capacity to learn ceramics.

Through Inclusive Clay classes, adults with Intellectual Disabilities:

  • Demonstrate agency through decision making.
  • Increase independence and confidence as they gain skills and knowledge.
  • Increase their capacity to demonstrate persistence, problem solving, and resilience when faced with challenges while working with clay.
  • Find purpose through making art and functional pieces for themselves and others.
  • Interact with others in an inclusive art community where they are valued members.

2024 Goal:

Inclusive Clay will provide three 8-week class sessions (winter, Spring, and Fall) with two classes of up to 12 students (6 participants with IDD and 6 support personnel) in each class per session. A total of up to 36 participants will be included in ceramics classes in their home community art spaces in 2024. Inclusive Clay’s fundraising efforts will reduce the cost barrier to participants by reducing class fees and/or providing scholarships depending on their level of need.

Your donation to Inclusive Clay will help us reach our goal of providing space in the art community for adults with intellectual disabilities.



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