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Mission Statement:

The We Got Us Empowerment Project is a collective of Black community members, healthcare professionals, students, and allies dedicated to educating our communities about COVID-19 and the vaccine. Our purpose is not to convince, but to empower our communities with timely, accessible, and scientifically accurate information grounded in evidence so they have the tools to make informed health decisions. We recognize our community’s hesitancy and distrust of the medical institution as dignified, due to the historic and ongoing abuse of our communities at the hands of medical racism. We are committed to elucidating these atrocities and doing the work to help dismantle the systems of oppression that led and continue to lead to inequitable health outcomes. To accomplish our objectives, we will fellowship in community, learn in community, and get through this pandemic in community because “We Got Us”.

The Vision:

We Got Us will strive to:

  1. ALWAYS, guide our actions rooted in our community’s needs
  2. Amplify and synthesize the current work of community organizations and leaders
  3. Collaborate with community organizations across Massachusetts to provide accurate and accessible education about the vaccine
  4. Become the national one stop shop for information related to COVID in Black communities
  5. Become a national model for an effective, grassroots campaign for vaccine education in Black communities

Our Pillars:

  1. Empowerment Through Education: Our objective is to bring accurate science information to our community both locally and nationally in an accessible way.
  2. Convey Not Convince: We seek not to convince our communities to get the vaccine but rather to convey the information they need to make the best health decisions for themselves and their community, with special consideration of their personal values and circumstances.
  3. Harm Reduction Through Public Health: For our community members who choose not to get the vaccine or elect to “wait and see”, we will empower them with public health education, PPE, and sanitizing material for the protection of themselves and their community.
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