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Nonprofit Partners

As a nonprofit for nonprofits, our mission is to empower community problem-solving and enhance the ability of nonprofit organizations and small businesses to make a positive impact.

Raised for Nonprofits

Our Why

A strong nonprofit sector can catalyze tremendous positive change. Nonprofits provide vital services and play an essential role in creating vibrant, sustainable communities. They exist to feed, heal, shelter, educate, inspire, and mobilize residents of every age and socioeconomic status to join the civic conversation.

But local nonprofits face several barriers to driving real, meaningful change:

    • Lack of Funding

    • Limited Capacity

    • Lack of Community Engagement

    • Political & Regulatory Barriers

    • Competition for Resources

    That’s where TCN comes in…

    We Are A Growth Engine

    Rather than focus solely on the creation of new nonprofits that may duplicate effort, we help build the capacity of existing nonprofits.

    We Are A Convener

    We identify needs as the emerge and bring nonprofits and other community partners together to collaborate and solve problems.

    We Are A Catalyst

    In addition to identifying problems and related solutions, TCN finds the resources that partners need to turn ideas into action.

    Events, Meetings, Workshops

    TCN is building a better tomorrow locally, providing a platform for community members to connect, collaborate and find solutions to shared challenges. Join the movement and experience the power of community connection.

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    Your Success is Our Mission
    How Can We Assist?

    Nonprofit Support

    We are here to help nonprofits in their journey, providing personalized solutions, all at no cost. Our mission is to promote real collaboration and amplify the efforts of every cause we support.

    No Cost to Our Non Profit Members:

    Fund Development Planning & Support

    • Access to a fund development consultant
    • Developing a successful fundraising plan
    • Program development and evaluation
    • Financials: Non-profit budget

    Capacity Building & Marketing

    • Strategic Planning
    • Budget Development
    • Nonprofit Board Engagement & Training
    • Marketing and Branding
    • Organizational Coaching and Consulting
    • Technical assistance for program development, collaboration, planning, and fund development
    • Social Media Support

    Professional Development & Training

    • Building Inspiring Organizational Cultures
    • Change Management for Leaders and Teams
    • Communication/Relationship Building Strategies
    • Conflict Resolution/Problem Solving for Teams
    • Creativity and Innovation
    • Customer Service Excellence
    • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

    Non Profit Membership

    • Two hours of personalized training (on site, off site, webinar)
    • Participation in Amazing Raise (participate in the fundraising campaign and earn a bonus gift for your organization on top of what you raise)
    • One hour of Staff and Executive Coaching
    • One personalized Group Training and Professional Development session (contact us for topics)
    • 1 hour of Executive Director coaching
    • 1 hour of program development support- Advertise your information in our weekly e-newsletter and social media support

    Nonprofit Software Tools & Resources

    • Giving USA Reports/Website
    • Candid/GuideStar Reports
    • Sutra- hosts discussions, videos, and documents
    • Web Ninja Conference Platform
    • JOT form- create surveys and payment forms
    • Instrumentl Grant Research Software
    • Foundation Center Online (grant research)
    • eCivis (government grant search)
    • Padlet- online note-taking

    Community Support

    We bring the right people together to address issues that have a profound impact on the community. These issues are all interrelated and can reinforce one another. By tackling them together, our communities can create a better quality of life for all.

    For Our Community:

    Community Projects & Focus Areas

    TCN’s community projects promote collaboration and aim to make a positive impact by identifying gaps and emerging needs in the community. We work on a range of initiatives, from short-term to long-term, to address immediate needs and bring about systemic change. Projects are chosen based on community needs and executed with the help of our partners.

    TCN Committees

    TriCounty Community Network’s most important community contribution are the tireless problem solving of the organization’s committees. TCN committees are comprised of nonprofit organizations, businesses and individuals that have interest in a specific community issue.  Most of TCN’s committee meetings are held immediately following the organizations general monthly meeting, providing a convenient way for members and meeting attendees to get involved in committee work. Committee work requires a commitment of about 1-3 hours per month for 10 months. So, for 13 hours per year you could make a big impact on community needs in our area!

    To participate in a TCN committee or for more committee information please email

    Community Resources

    Our community resource page connects you with vital support, including help with basic needs like food, as well as resources for youth, parents, and volunteers. Unfortunately, many people face roadblocks in accessing these resources. Our page aims to make it easier for everyone to get the help they need.

    Focus Areas


    TCN has a leadership role in this strong community movement addressing the needs of the homeless population.

    Domestic Violence

    Proactive conversations and initiatives that support education and empowerment for organizations and individuals.


    Projects and programs in the areas of workforce development, environmental concerns, and disaster preparedness.

    Elderly and Caregivers

    Providing unique and sustainable solutions for both those in need of care and those providing it.


    Providing mentoring, school-based presentations and programming, and leadership on issues impacting children.

    Food Security

    Building partnerships, promoting systems change, and securing collaborative funding for local food organizations.

    Learn How To Get Involved

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