What is the Homeless Services Committee?

Homeless photo

The Homeless Services Committee works to increase communication and collaboration between providers; assist providers with outreach; eliminate duplication of services; and determine gaps in service and create programming to address those gaps.

What is the Need?

  • Pottstown lacks adequate shelter and resources for it’s current homeless.

Committee Accomplishments

  • More than 50 volunteers participated in the Homeless Outreach Day in 2012.
  • Held a Rethink Homelessness Community Awareness Event with 130 community members in attendance.
  • Held two community forums with more than 150 people in attendance.
  • Held 2 Homeless Memorials

Karla Romberg, Homeless Service Co-Chair meets with Congressman Gerlach
TCN Homeless Services Committee members meet with Congressman Gerlach

For more information or to get involved with the committee, call 610-705-3301 or e-mail homeless@tcnetwork.org